A ridesharing app that targets schools in the US to simplify carpooling and reduce pollution.


Our Focus


We know you love your kids, so safety is our priority at ZipShare.


ZipShare strives to grow a tightly-knit community within your schools.


No texting chains. No email chains. We bring easy to carpool.

Our Story

We were founded by a group of high school students trying to fix a complicated carpooling process.

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What our Customers Say

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    Create an account

    Download the app and go through our short sign-up process. It's that easy.

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    Form carpool groups

    Invite your friends and create a carpool group with them! Alternatively, find other parents to carpool with based on their home locations.

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    Organize and ride

    Use the interactive calendar to organize rides, and you're done! Just get in the car and go!


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We're constantly making updates to our iOS app! For those with Android devices, we've got you covered; a version is in the works.

*Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

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